Leaf Style Expanding Shafts - Daven Manufacturing
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Leaf Style Expanding Shafts

Leaf Style Expanding Shaft (Closed) by Daven Manufacturing
Leaf Style Expanding Shaft (Open) by Daven Manufacturing
  • Expands instantaneously for fast roll mounting.
  • Grips cores securely without core or roll damage.
  • Used for unwind or rewind positions.
  • Optional web tail gripper.
  • Manual or automatic rotary union air supply.
  • Positive collapse for quick roll removal.
  • Positive drive and tension control.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Manufactured to your specifications to suit your equipment.

The Leaf Style Shaft is suitable for a full range of converting and web production operations, with a fixed leaf design for greatest core and web concentricity. It is ideal for core or coreless winding, and features a 360° radial expanding grip. Its rugged construction and design is available for any diameter or length, in steel, aluminum or lightweight carbon, with special designs available for heavy duty and extra lightweight applications. Shaft weights for your specific application are available upon request.

We manufacture to your specifications to suit your equipment, including cantilevered or custom designs. The Daven Leaf Style air expanding shafts are guaranteed for one year against material and workmanship defects.