Differential Controlled Slip Shaft for simultaneous rewinding or unwinding
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Differential Controlled Slip Shaft

  • For rewind or unwind applications.
  • Universal design.
  • Core spacers are not required.
  • Grips multiple cores securely without core movement or core damage.
  • Rewind multiple cores on same shaft.
  • Unwind multiple rolls on same shaft.
  • Spacers not required between cores.
  • Uniform tension for same or different core widths on the same shaft.
  • Instantaneous accurate pneumatic radial tension control.
  • Can be used with any web material.
  • Uniform results with each repetitive cycle.
  • Expands instantaneously for fast roll mounting.
  • Suitable for manual or automatic core loading.
  • Manufactured to your equipment specifications.

The Daven Differential Controlled Slip Shaft allows for the simultaneous rewinding or unwinding of multiple rolls on the same shaft.

Suitable for a full range of slitting and converting production operations. Its universal design is available for any core width and diameter.

Different core widths can be simultaneously wound on the same shaft. Amount of core slippage is a function of the air pressure applied with preset regulator.

Manufactured to your specifications to suit your equipment, including cantilevered or custom designs

Differential Controlled Slip Shaft by Daven Manufacturing
Differential Controlled Slip Shaft by Daven Manufacturing