Expanding air shafts by Daven Manufacturing: button, lug and leaf
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Expanding Air Shafts

Aluminum Button Shaft for 3” Core

Expanding Air Shafts are the core of Daven Manufacturing’s product offering.

Each shaft is custom designed and manufactured with a unique serial number.  Serial Numbers provide the identity for future reference for maintenance and repairs.

Expanding Air Shafts by Daven Manufacturing
A Serial Number is marked on very Expanding Air Shaft by Daven Manufacturing.

Expanding Air Shaft Styles

Daven’s Expanding Air Shafts are made in 3 basic styles: Button, Lug and Leaf.

Button Style Shafts are the most popular and have the strongest load carrying and anti-deflection features.

Leaf Style Shafts are used primarily where coreless winding is desired.  They have the flexibility of being used in either cored or coreless winding with 360 degrees of core support.

Lug Style Shafts are suited for special applications. They are available as all Steel or Urethane surfaced for maximum gripping.

Materials of Construction

Daven offers high strength expanding air shaft bodies that can be constructed of Steel, Aluminum or Carbon Composite.

Steel provides strength and durability.  Aluminum provides strength with reduced weight. Carbon Composite is the ultimate combination of strength and reduced weight

Button Style Shafts

Button Style Expanding Shaft by Daven Manufacturing

Leaf Style Shafts

Leaf Style Expanding Shaft by Daven Manufacturing

Lug Style Shafts

Expanding Lug Style Chucks by Daven Manufacturing