Expanding Chucks for shaft or shaft-less operations from Daven Mfg
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Expanding Chucks

Expanding Chucks by Daven Manufacturing
  • Instant gripping expansion and release.
  • Grips securely without core damage.
  • Optional air valve placement.
  • Removable core stop available.
  • Split clamp or set screw to secure chuck.
  • Lightweight.
  • Custom sizes available.

Daven Air Expanding Chucks are available in leaf, lug, button and element design for all sizes and can be used for shaft or shaft-less operations. The expanding element is located internally, offering full protection from manhandling or sharp objects.

The air expanding chuck can be used in conjunction with Daven’s solid support chuck. Custom sizes (inch and metric) are available. Optional rubber surface chucks are available for larger diameters up to and including 36″.