External Strip Lug Shafts for light and heavy duty unwind or rewind applications
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External Strip Lug Shafts

External Strip Lug Shafts by Daven Manufacturing
  • Aluminum or steel shaft bodies.
  • Side valve or end valve
  • Usable with rotary unions
  • Cantilevered support mounting available
  • Harden and ground journals option
  • Dynamic balancing for high speeds
  • Easy in-house maintenance

The External Strip Lug Shafts are ideal for light and medium duty unwind or rewind applications. Evenly spaced rows of continuous rubber lugs accomplish the gripping action in this type of shaft. The larger area of the external lug allows for a higher torque capacity. Total load carrying capacity is somewhat sacrificed as the outside body tube surface is machined away to allow for multiple “T” slots design to accommodate the rubber lug.

The continuous lug design allows for the mounting of multiple cores of any width. The Daven external strip lug shaft is simple in construction allowing for each external lug strip to be changed without dismantling the shaft.

For the right solution for your converting needs, consult with Daven Manufacturing