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Safety Chucks - Standard Sliding Models

Sliding safety chucks are safer, easier to operate, and more rugged than tilting safety chuck models.

Double E safety chucks only open in the upright position so roll security is guaranteed.

Safety chucks can be flange-mounted or foot-mounted, fixed or with sidelay adjustment.

Product Information

Design Possibilities / Accessories

  • Unique jaw insert design compensates for shaft deflection; safety chuck does not bind.
  • Sliding action sharply reduces possibility of finger jamming.
  • Patented push button ensures roll security and operator safety.
  • Patented circular engagement allows high torque while reducing noise and vibration.
  • Removable jaws extend safety chuck life; easy and inexpensive to replace.
  • Easy cross-reference for replacing existing safety chucks.
  • Double E safety chucks only open in the upright position so roll security is guaranteed.
  • Accurate roll positioning.
  • Easy handwheel operation.
  • Fixed drive shaft option.
  • Horizontal range up to 2” (50 mm) or 4” (100 mm).

Safety Chuck Swivel Base / Rotary Table

  • Pivot chucks to correct baggy edges.
  • Combine with sidelay adjustment for total two-dimensional control.

Air Operation Safety Chucks

  • Large piston works as a double-acting air cylinder to open and close the chucks.
  • Ideal when accessibility is difficult.

Safety Chuck Jaw Inserts / Shaft Engagements

  • Proprietary jaw inserts accommodate shaft deflection. Binding is not an issue with Double E safety chucks. Safety chuck jaw inserts can be a fixed piece of the chuck or a removable part.
  • Easy, inexpensive replacement.
  • Unlike tilting safety chucks, retains torque capacity of square jaw.

Standard Square-Turned-45

  • Double E recommended, and standard, option.
  • Easiest for loading/unloading rolls.

Standard Circular (patented design)

  • Allow high torque transmission and high speed.
  • Minimize roll bounce, vibration, and rotational tapping noises.
  • Easy roll loading and unloading

Available Triangle

  • Triangle engagement also available by request


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