Portable Pneumatic Winder by Daven for winding any web including edge trim
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Portable Pneumatic Winder

  • Easy to use
  • No Electricity
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Maintenance free
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Variable speed and torque capacity
  • Core or coreless winding
  • Mount on or off machine in any orientation
  • Clean Room Compatible
  • Positive drive and tension control.

The Daven Winder is a safe, efficient method of winding any web including edge trim. Its rugged construction and efficient winding can be used on all converting equipment. The winder’s simple design allows its winding speed to follow the line speed of the material. Its pneumatic drive system without gears or clutches allows for infinite stop-go or stalled motion.

Daven Oscillators are often used in conjunction with the Pneumatic Winder to ensure optimum even distribution over the core.  Each Oscillator is custom made with the specified range of motion or “throw”.

Oscillator by Daven Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Daven Portable Pneumatic Winder?

The Daven Pneumatic Winder is a non-electric pneumatic device used for winding any web material including edge trim. The Daven Pneumatic Winder runs on a single line of air pressure that is easily adjusted for speed and torque control. Since there are no clutches or gears to burn out, you can leave the Daven Winder in a stalled state indefintely without any damage.

Is the Daven Portable Pneumatic Winder used only as a trim winder?

No. While many Daven customers use it for trim and waste removal, we are amazed by the different uses our customers come up with. For example, a number of our customers are using the Daven Winder as an unwind or rewind. Our tech people can work with you on your specific application.

The Daven Pneumatic Winder is great for:

  • Label Winding
  • Plastic Film Winding
  • Paper Winding
  • Unwinding or Rewinding
  • Edge Trim Removal
Who can benefit from using the Daven Pneumatic Winder?

Since the Daven Pneumatic Winder can be used with ALL converting equipment, it is perfect for any converter. It is currently used with plastic film, giftwrap, nonwovens, tissue, printing paper, filtration, labels, tape, wallpaper, plastic bags, and medical materials to name a few. A few of the hundreds of customers using multiple Daven Winder’s include Dupont, Bayer Films, Avery Dennison, Sealed Air, Tyco and Bemis.

How do I know it will work on my applications?

The Daven Pneumatic Winder is already benefitting hundreds of Daven customers and we are confident it will work for you. Even so, we do not want you to guess. If you send a sample of your trim or web to test wind at Daven’s testing facility, we will insure and back up our Daven 100% Performance Guarantee. Once you try the Daven Pneumatic Winder you may not want to send the sample unit back. It blows away more expensive and complicated trim systems.