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Lightweight Expanding Strip Shafts

The SR-2000 is an external element core shaft for multiple slit rewinding. Variations of the shaft include strip chucks (for cantilevered winding applications or for mounting on another shaft to adapt to various core sizes) and knife shafts (for holding bottom anvils in slitting operations).

Double E strip shafts use multiple external expansion elements to grip the inside diameter of any core material. Ideal for multiple slit rewind web processing applications.

SR-2000 Slitter Rewinder Core Shaft - Important Characteristics

Product Information

Expanding External Element Gripping Shafts

  • Core shaft diameters starting at one inch.
  • Multiple external expansion elements to grip the inside diameter of any core material.
  • Gripping elements are activated by simultaneously inflating bladders with a single air valve.
  • While bladders rarely fail (because of our proprietary material and metal protection strip), the process to replace one is simple and quick. Likewise, the gripping element can be replaced easily by loosening a single set screw in the clamping unit.
  • Hard rubber elements are standard; silicone and aluminum are available to suit various applications.
  • Minimizes core distortion and wall damage.
  • Economical to purchase and maintain.

Ultra-Lightweight Strip Shafts for Six-Inch Cores

Brand New Design!

Lighter and stronger 6-inch diameter core shafts for multiple slit winding applications.

  • Double E Ultra-Lightweight Strip ShaftsProprietary aluminum extrusion minimizes shaft weight in both light and heavy–duty applications (over 20% lighter than Double E’s standard SR–2000 strip shaft while maintaining the same strength).
  • Brass air valves for corrosion resistance, custom–made steel journals,
  • Aircraft–grade aluminum bodies.
  • High–performance bladders and rugged gripping elements.
  • Affordable and easy to maintain


SRC-2000 Strip Chucks

  • Any length and any diameter - used in through-shaft or cantilevered applications.​Chuck body provides solid strength which prevents roll bounce and vibration.
  • Simple clamping collar facilitates repositioning of the chuck.
  • Bladders are tough, dependable, and easy to replace.
  • External elements come standard as rugged silicone, but other materials such as aluminum and hard rubber are also available to suit various applications.

Knife Shafts

  • Tight-tolerance external element shaft which holds anvils or knives precisely in place for slitting operations.
  • A single air valve is used to supply air to the bladders.
  • When the bladders expand, they force the gripping elements to grip the interior diameter of the knives, preventing axial movement and ensuring exact, consistent cuts.
  • No tools are necessary to secure the knives.
  • Chrome-plated, polished steel for added precision between the shaft body and the interior diameter of the knives.
  • All of the other characteristics of the knife shaft are similar to the standard SR–2000 strip shaft.
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